I am a UI/UX designer, web analyst, and founder of Opacity, a design studio based in Singapore.

Before establishing Opacity, I spent seven years as a web designer and developer at Hitachi Asia where I led the company's overall web presence in 6 Southeast Asia regions. Prior to that, I was a web designer at Comwerks before it acquired by Wunderman in 2010.

This is a personal site to showcase my works during my tenure at the past organisations.

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My name is Iwan. I am based in Singapore and love collaborating with talented folks worldwide. Contact me at:

What do I do, anyway?

In a nutshell, I design and develop websites that work.

A website that works goes beyond looking pretty. It accomplishes your goals: the action you want your user to take on your website. After all, Design is about problem-solving.

  • Low user engagement with your website?
  • Low sales and revenue?
  • Nobody is signing up?

The problems may lie in your design. Have you ever visited a website and only to feel it’s going to be impossible to find what you want?

Lack of clarity, bad navigation, awful search results, or simply slow loading may cost your business as your users leave the website without taking any desired action.

A poorly designed website does make users frustrated.

In contrast, an effective and optimised website will lead the users to find exactly what they are looking for. It directs them to purchase a product, fill out a contact form, or call your sales phone number.

Thus, it will increase your revenue without a need to increase your advertising spend.

That's what I do.